How Vicks is winning the era of digital marketing too! (Case Study)

Brand Vicks has been the brand leader of it’s industry since times unknown. The recent DVC of Vicks which beautifully communicated a strong message has once again made eyes roll towards the brand Vicks, owing to it’s wonderful digital marketing strategy. Although the product needs no special introduction to any generation of today, Vicks has […]

Creativity vs Minimalism

If asked what creativity is, anyone would have the answer. But the question is what is minimalism, for some they might know the difference but people majorly get a confusion in understanding the main differentiation between them. Creativity is something which is an innovation and a wholesome idea of an empty canvas painted with imagination. […]

Types of corporate videos & films

Gone are the days when corporate videos signified long videos that featured CEOs talking about their firm showing major sections of the office. As we had spoken in one of our previous blog posts, video are highly significant and are the best alternatives to salesmen; highly effective salesmen. Although videos has always been more influential, […]


The art of digital story-telling!

Any successful digital marketing campaign is a result of successful storytelling. Yes! Storytelling is an art that needs to be mastered to win heart in any kind of marketing most importantly digital. Interesting, right? Read on! Stories have a unique way of bringing words to life. Stories simulate imagination and fantasy. Beauty of stories is […]