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    Worry not! We got your back! We take care of all of your Influencer Marketing needs.

    You’ve landed in the right spot if you want to know what influencer marketing trends 2022 will offer your way. Influencer marketing has already been big and only getting bigger. The finest influencers stay abreast of trends so that they may provide brands with whatever they need to bloom. With the social media landscape evolving instantly, it’s critical that influencers capitalize on the newest influencer marketing trends to secure their power and expertise.

    Digital Marketing trends to watch out for.

    Red Pencil reveals the true greatness of the Influencer Marketing Agency through AI and data competence. We are designing a one-of-a-kind advertising ecosystem to make it more interactive and innovative through people’s liking, sharing, and commenting.

    Why choose Red Pencil Advertising?

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    You Matter

    We listen to you with open and
    focused thought.

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    We Promote

    We bring out the best for you to be the
    first of your kind.

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    We Believe

    We work collaboratively with you while thinking together
    to help your company turn up.
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    We think and act in anticipation of potential future concerns, needs, or modifications to the brand and proposals, and use Influencer Marketing to ensure that it does not interfere with functionality.

    Our Works

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    You should not put off choosing Influencer
    Marketing any longer. Understand why!


    Who enjoys boasting? None!

    Who wants to hear you boast when you have the power to make people talk about you? Word-of-mouth marketing is always effective and will remain so in the future. Influencer marketing is simply a subset of it.


    Big-time savings

    Highly cost-effective, and gets you to take more action and decide if you need to implement changes based on ROI, which does not affect the activity, unlike traditional advertising.


    Direct access to your TG.

    You don’t really need to spend your valuable time intending to get
    inside the minds of your TG. Find an influencer who is affiliated with
    our brand’s image, and voila!


    Get ready to be the talk of the town!

    Your brand will gain access to a larger ready-made audience with the help of influencers who already have thousands of followers. It will also get the eyes and attention it deserves if you hire influencers whose icon is loyalty.

    According to studies, two-thirds of marketers
    increase their spending on influencer marketing.


    The first most popular and efficient channel ranked, with over a billion users and 89% influence.

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    Positioned as the second most influential site due to its ease of creating content.

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    Due to its friendly approach, Facebook has a 45% influence.

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    Twitter has a 33% influence with 330 million active monthly users.

    This is how the Red Pencil strikes!


    Quality content and approach

    We believe that every product has a story to tell, which is why we involve your brand’s core message in it all. And guarantees that you will not look back, as it will be done in the most enduring way imaginable by choosing the right influencers.


    Influencer casting and enrollment powered by AI

    Red Pencil collaborates with a network of verified influencers and bloggers with expert knowledge and experience in traditional and social media, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.


    Campaign implementation

    Finding the right influencer is only the first step for those who are unaware. Red Pencil takes care of the first and subsequent steps. Negotiations, legal agreements, tracking compliance, campaign content coordination, posting, and, of course, payments.


    Precise detailing

    We assess the efficiency of the influencers chosen for each project Which helps greatly in identifying deliverable influencers as well as the type of content and channels that should be enforced, and good to go for a more influential campaign.

    Data - The Future of Influencer Marketing

    Why do you think that a great influencer is not just enough?

    Finding an influencer who is the best fit for your brand is extremely crucial unless you only
    expect good reach. There is a glut of information on the internet, and data technology
    can help us sort through all of this.

    Where does the money go?

    AI and data assist in measuring the worth of each and every post in your campaign.
    They verify that the influencers are genuine and worth pursuing.

    Is it possible to track campaigns?

    Yes, you can easily learn the status of your campaign by looking at the following factors:

    • Reach
    • Audience Expansion

    Witness for yourself how many people it reaches, as well as how much communication and generation
    it develops. Red Pencil provides detailed information about its performance, total media value earned,
    opinions, and a quick review of all media interactions.


    Empower your
    business and take it
    to the next level.