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The story behind a brochure that helped Westwynn resorts win 220 millions of investment

A perfect branding material is something that talks to the end user from their perspective. A school booklet that a parent receives can’t communicate the same message that a school franchise brochure does. The end user’s outlook has to be prominently kept in mind right from the strategy phase and that is right way to win hearts with branding.

Here’s an elaborate case study on how Red Pencil advertising helped West Wynn Resorts, Wayanad win investment worth 220 million with a perfectly strategized investor brochure.


West Wynn Resorts is a super luxury holiday resort being planned in Wayanad, the tourist hub of Kerala. With a location in the most premium location that gets tourists round the year, the project plan was ready and the management was looking for investors to kick start the construction.


To strategies and create a brochure that is detailed about the project plan yet brief enough to keep up the interest of the investor.

Procedure followed:

  • Research
  • Create a flow
  • Wire frame design
  • Content Segregation
  • Final Result


The plan of West Wynn Resort was already prepared as per the noticed interests of a larger section of people. But this isn’t what the investor requires. The investor requires to see the scope of the project majorly.

Numbers do the magic!


An elaborate research was carried out on tourism industry in Kerala and in Wayanad. The number of visitors that these areas get per annum was found and the revenue scope was calculated.

Also, a brief research was carried out on various other resorts and their style of presentation – at investor level. Based all on these we arrive upon the number of an arbitrary flow for the brochure.

Create Flow:

Major things first, yet following a story kind of flow, the flowchart of the brochure is a major aspect that keeps the reader’s interest alive. Jumping from one topic to another never works out. Hence we finalised on a flow that not just focuses on the numbers since the very beginning, but also keeps talking about the elements of surprise that Wayanad and West Wynn offers.

Wire Frame Design:

Since it’s a brochure for a resort in a tourist area, images become a major part of the pitch. The beauty of the place has to be showcased in its true sense and the detailing of the project should also be elaborate enough.

Based on the flow created and the aspects of the resort plan to be showcases, 2 wireframes were created and shown to the client. The number of pages was also decided at this point.

Content Segregation:

A photograph speaks 100 words. While the resort visualizations can help in showcasing the plan, the investor also has to be detailed about the beauty of the location and its grand history. Photographs from various renowned photographers were considered from which the best were chosen and bought.

Also, to ensure brevity and directness of the content, minimalism was maintained except in section required. It was assured that none of the major aspects were left out.


Final Result:

Every detail of the plan is explained to the reader in the following flow.

–      With a brief intro of Kerala tourism and Incredible India in the beginning, an idea about the scope of the plan was given

–      This was followed by details about Kerala, its climate and Wayanad & its cultural significance.

–      The numbers were attached further, speaking about the number of Indian and foreign visitors that this area gets every year.

–      Then the brochure dives on to the actual content – about the resort and its vision & mission

–      The plan is explained further with visualised images of each area.

–      With poetic connotation of the beauty around the resort and relevant images placed amidst the resort plan, the USP of the resort is made to stay alive in the minds of the reader

–      The places to visit near-by, followed by the team details and the experience are placed after this

The final copy was checked and re-checked thrice before being sent for printing. The final output is as shown below:

The major factors stressed on i.e., the experience of the team in handling a massive project, the scope of business and the expectable visitor flow generate confidence in the minds of the investor. Also, the quality of the brochure, the figures and the detailing creates an ever-lasting impression in their minds. All this helped West Wynn win the hearts of its prospective investors, and also their aimed investment i.e., 220 million. We, at Red Pencil, feel privileged to have been a part of their journey! | | 8197158503